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#2PCC – Afrikan Boy’s ode to cheap fried chicken is finger-lickin’ good

#2PCC – Afrikan BoyMy daughter started high school a couple of weeks ago. The school canteen has one of those new fingerprint scanning payment systems and she racked up quite a bill on lunches over the first week.

I don’t blame her. It’s easy to blow through money when you’re not actually handing over any cash. But I had to sit down and have the ‘budgeting and keeping costs down’ chat.

“You know, Afrikan Boy only had 30p a day for his school lunch,” I said, as way of illustration. “And even then, he saved it up so he could by chicken and chips every Friday.”

My daughter seemed a bit confused by this line of reasoning, but perked up when I put on the video for Afrikan Boy’s new song, ‘#2PCC‘. It’s an ode to London’s cheap chicken shops and has gritty, inner city vibe that was more to her musical taste than the more challenging Omar Souleyman tracks I put on after berating her about the poor, unfortunate Syrians.

As Afrikan Boy explains on his Bandcamp page, a £2 serving of chicken and chips has long been a cultural favourite amongst teenagers from all races living in inner city London. Cheap chicken shops line the high streets, and while they get a little rough at night, earning the nickname ‘Stabbin’ Cabins’, just after school finishes they act as a community centre for kids.

The result is another Afrikan Boy classic: cool, funny and catchy. My daughter says she likes it just as much as ‘Lidl

Chicken shops are a place to catch up with friends, discuss the ‘happenings’ and get a fix of succulent thigh piece and chips, hold the fork.

The video was shot in Afrikan Boy’s local, the ‘Super 1 Fried Chicken‘ in Woolwich. He posted a message on Instagram offering free chicken and chips to anyone who wanted to be involved and on the day of the shoot over 100 school kids turned up in excitement.

The result is another Afrikan Boy classic: cool, funny and catchy. My daughter says she likes it just as much as ‘Lidl‘.

Speaking of my daughter, I overhead her chatting to a friend on Facetime the other night.

‘Did you know there’s a chicken shop in Woolwich where you can get a two-course meal and a bottle of Supermalt for £2?’

A week before she didn’t know what Supermalt was.

Nor did she have ‘#2PCC‘ on her Spotify playlist.

Who says this parenting malarkey is difficult?


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